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3 Benefits to Hiring a Niagara Realtor When Selling Your House

Posted by Cameron Schwenker on April 13, 2017 4:01:59 PM EDT
Cameron Schwenker

As discussed in our previous article, Niagara real estate is currently experiencing a seller’s market and more homeowners are thinking of taking advantage. We’re seeing a noticeably higher volume of inquiries about sales lately, even during what used to be seen as the real estate “offseason”.
A recent article in the National Post advocating for the benefits of moving to Niagara will be sure to keep the market hot.

And if you’re thinking of selling, you’ve probably already thought about how. Along with hilarious memes, the internet age has also brought new tools to realtors, an abundance of options only a click away for buyers and new platforms for sellers. It may seem like it is easy to list your home alone or with an online service; however, these temptations often result in headaches, lost opportunities or worse, legal battles for sellers. While Schwenker Homes insists on using the newest digital tools, some old-fashioned virtues simply cannot be replaced or replicated.

Here are three quick reasons why partnering with a Niagara real estate agent is your best option when selling your home:


Ok, we cheated a little there; this one is a two-for-one. With so many buyers from outside Niagara interested in the Niagara real estate market, it makes sense to consider the reach of your listing’s exposure. So you’ll be relieved to know that the right Niagara realtor can get your home the same far-reaching exposure as an out-of-town broker or a digital service. Furthermore, accredited Niagara real estate agents can ensure your home is properly listed on the Multiple Listing Service, relaying your listing to thousands of realtors and buyers throughout Canada.

Getting your listing seen is only useful if that listing is beautiful and optimized to the right audience. Your Niagara realtor will have plenty of experience in what works and what doesn’t for local listings. This is an area we take very seriously at Schwenker Homes...we want you to have a listing you can be proud of!


When selling your home, a realtor is likely one of a few professionals you’ll need to work with. The services of home inspectors, lawyers, stagers, cleaners, banks, contractors and more may be required. Local realtors will have recommendations for each, because they’ve been through the process many times. Our relationships allow us to give you proper advice and access local pricing that an out-of-town realtor or digital service simply cannot replicate.


You’ll have easy access to your agent throughout the process...they’re just around the corner. More than that, you’ll see them in your grocery aisle, in the bleachers at little league games and attending the same musicals at the Performing Arts Centre as you. So you know they’re committed not only to the community, but also to doing the best job for you. Because if they don’t, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to tell them about it!

A realtor from out-of-town won’t provide the same level of service, because, frankly, they don’t have to. Their investment is not the same as someone who is living where they are working. That’s why we see ourselves as your partners, constructing an excellent listing, negotiating for top dollar and celebrating the sale with you while we plan your next step.

If you’re thinking of listing your Niagara home for sale, talk to a Niagara realtor first; you’ll start noticing the Niagara difference right away. We love chatting about real estate and are always up for a friendly cup of coffee or a phone call.

And don't forget to find out the value of your home with our free evaluation.

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