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4 Hidden Gems In Niagara To Visit Before Fall

Posted by Cameron Schwenker on August 28, 2017 1:35:08 PM EDT
Cameron Schwenker

There is never a bad season to live in Niagara. Each of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter offer their own fantastic experiences and unique places to discover. Year-round enjoyment is part of the reason Niagara's quality of life is so high and why more people from outside the region are waking up to the wonders of Niagara living. It is certainly part of the reason we love living, working and playing here in Niagara.

The approach of Labour Day is a stark reminder that Summer officially comes to an end September 21. If this summer seemed to pass by too quickly (don't they always), we've selected four of our favourite hidden gems that you should check out to make your summer complete.

Sunset at Spring Gardens Park in St. Catharines

spring gardens sunset.jpg

There is no shortage of beautiful spots to watch sunsets in Niagara. The Waterfront Trail in North St. Catharines alone has several great vantage points. For a more private viewing, head to a certain portion of Spring Gardens Park, accessible by path from Lantana Circle, off the end of Vine Street. Check Time and Date for exact sunset time, pack a snack and your favourite beverage and toast the end of another great Niagara day in style.

Hiking Beamer Conservation Area in Grimsby

Beamer Conservation Area offers great hiking and walking trails with some of the best views of the Niagara peninsula. The entrance the the conservation area is on Quarry Road in Grimsby. Be sure to bring your binoculars for Lookout're likely to see hawks, Turkey Vultures, Bald Eagles and other birds of prey flying around this gorgeous portion of Niagara.

Drink A Craft Beer While Watching Ships Go By at Canalside in Port Colborne

It is hard to find a closer view of the ships passing through the Welland Canal than at the Canalside Restaurant on West Street in Port Colborne, which is located across the street from the Canal. Canal shipping season in Niagara lasts until December, but you'll want to hit this patio while the weather is still warm.  The best part? Canalside's long and carefully curated list of craft beers available, including their own locally-brewed Canalside drafts!

Golf, Wine and Dine at Rockway Vineyards in the Twenty Valley


There may not be a more unique destination in Niagara than Rockway Vineyards. Niagara has some great golf courses and is world-famous for its wine, yet Rockway, a winery and championship golf course, is the only place that these two local passions come together. And if you haven't been to Rockway lately, you're missing out. Their wine has been taken to award-winning status under new winemaker David Stasiuk and the course looks better than ever.  Park your car for a day of wine tasting, golf and dinner, all at one location. Check out some of their amazing deals too.

What's your favourite hidden gem in Niagara? Have somewhere we need to check out this Fall? Connect with us on Facebook and tell us all about it!

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