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Fall Trends In Staged Homes For Sale

Posted by Raiana Schwenker on September 28, 2017 12:00:00 PM EDT

The fall season is officially here. With every new season comes new trends in the interior design industry. If you're considering selling your home during the fall season, there are some trends you may want to consider following when staging your home. You can ask your real estate agent for advice on staging, or for recommendations for a home stager to help you. Having outdated decor can make your home look less appealing to buyers. By keeping up with some of the more recent trends in the interior design world, you may find buyers are more interested in your home. 

Here are some of the new trends that are being noticed in staged homes for sale going into the fall season. 

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 Rustic Rooms Are Back

Earlier in 2017 we saw trends going towards more sleek, modern looks, featuring marble accents and metallic fixtures. As we gear up for the fall season it is clear that trends have shifted. Now, homes are moving towards more rustic interior designs.


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Green Accents

Gone are the days of pastel accents. This season, expect to see darker accents throughout the home. One colour making a big comeback is dark green. Dark green splashed throughout kitchens, living room furniture, or even used as accent walls pairs well with the more earth toned trends of fall.


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Velvet Furniture

In contrast to the often rough and natural textures seen in rustic designs, one more delicate touch is remaining on trend: velvet furniture. The furniture is perfect for a winter or fall home, offering something that looks comfortable and cozy. It also gives any room a more dynamic look with contrasting soft and rough textiles.

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Earthier Materials

With rustic interiors coming back into style more earthy materials have also come back. Where metallic colours and metal accents previously reigned, wood and clay accents have taken over. Terracotta tiled floors have returned as statement floors, giving any room more warmth and character, if you're willing to invest in a small renovation to sell your home.

For accents within a room, there has been an increase in interest for woven textiles. These textures bring more depth to a room and make them more visually dynamic. Things like wicker baskets, woven rugs, and wicker furniture have grown in popularity. Consider using these to decorate or stage a room.


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Darker Colour Schemes Throughout

Having light colours and white walls is a thing of the past. For more on trend homes, more dramatic and dark paint colours are chosen. The 2018 Colours of the Year, which have recently been determined, have all been dark shades of black. However, using dark colours on the walls can make rooms seem smaller, which is something you want to avoid when selling your home. 


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Using dark colours as dramatic accents throughout a room will keep your home looking on trend. If you have light coloured walls and furniture, consider accenting with deep, chocolate brown blankets, throw pillows, or fixtures.

If you're ready to list your house for sale in St. Catharines, we do recommend working with a home stager to ensure your home looks the best. Connect with the Schwenker Homes Team today to get the process of selling your home started. We have years of experience selling in the fall market, and are happy to connect our clients with equally experienced home stagers. 

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