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Kitchen Trends of 2017

Posted by Raiana Schwenker on November 13, 2017 4:20:25 PM EST

Kitchens were once a hidden part of the home, where no socializing took place, but that couldn’t be less true today. In contemporary homes, kitchens are one of the main rooms; it is a place of gathering where days often begin and end. The repositioning of the kitchen as an essential part of the home has therefore changed the aesthetic, and it has become one of the most decorated rooms in the home. Here are four of our favourite kitchen trends of 2017.

Inlaid Tile Carpets

Rugs and carpets have always been an important piece in the home, as it adds colour where necessary. In today’s kitchen, there has been an incorporation of tile “carpets.” These carpets are simply made of decorated tiles that have been incorporated into the existing flooring of the kitchen. This has proved to be perfect for the kitchen because it is an easy cleanup, with the desired effect of a pop of colour.

Dramatic Pantries

Pantries are necessary for any kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it has to be drab. This trend encourages the addition of a statement wall in the pantry, or even incorporating a colorful tile. Following the modern trend, removing the pantry doors will also add to the artistic look, forcing the cupboard to remain clean!

Sculpted Islands

The kitchen is a place of gathering, which is why having an island is a necessary accessory. The new trend of sculpting the island treats it like one slab of material, where there is a flat surface area, and a carved out area underneath that the chairs can be tucked into. The updated island isn’t only gorgeous, it is functional because it is no longer a flush piece of material; your knees have a place to go.

Built-In Bars

The kitchen is the hub of entertainment in the home, so it only makes sense that the bar is incorporated into the area. Having the bar in the kitchen allows everyone to be together, and this is just asking for a guest to take on the role of the bartender! Spice up the area with a mini fridge, an open concept shelving area, and a gorgeous wallpaper, and you’re set.

The kitchen is a major selling feature to many. Byputting some money into your kitchen it will be sure to pay for itself over time and add value to your home if you go to sell. Have some fun, add some colour, make your kitchen a place where you enjoy showing off to guests.

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