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Things to Think About Before You Renovate

Posted by Cameron Schwenker on December 11, 2017 3:18:08 PM EST
Cameron Schwenker

Home renovations can be an exciting time, but they can also cause a major headache. Having been through multiple home renovations in the past, we have discovered a few tips and tricks to help future homeowners who plan on conducting renovations. If you plan on renovating your home in the future, read these tips prior to starting your renos.

Selecting the Cheapest Contractor

The lowest bid never equals the best job. Before selecting a contractor, it is a good plan to have a few opinions. Consider having three different companies provide an estimate and analyze the results. From time to time, contractors will provide a cheap quote to get the job, then tack things on or possibly cut corners and install low-quality products. When you receive an estimate it should include details (exact cabinets, hardware, flooring, and install costs), waste removal plan, permit costs, insurance, contractor fees, explanation of how design changes are handled and the warranty of the work.

Lowballing your Budget

It’s always smart to add a buffer to your budget. If an unforeseen circumstance occurs, it may help if you have a little wiggle room in your budget. Perhaps you are installing a new backsplash, you may damage the wall and have to replace a portion of the drywall. By adding an additional 15% of the total project cost as a buffer, it may help lower anxiety during anything that happens unplanned.

Assuming You Want Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are not for everyone. They add character and add style, however, for families or pet owners they may not be practical. Pets’ nails can damage the hardwood floors really quickly, and kids mean more wear and tear too. By installing a durable vinyl alternative, it will provide extra durability and may last longer.

Making your Kitchen Too Trendy

Trendy kitchens are one of 2017’s biggest home renovations. However, when renovating your kitchen, try not to make it too bold. The bolder your kitchen, the quicker it will likely go out of style, potentially bringing down your home’s resale value. It is also important that if you are renovating your kitchen that you make it something you’ll enjoy since you are going to be using it every day, but always keep resale in the back of your mind.

It’s important to keep your home's resale value in mind while doing renovations. If you are unsure whether the renovations you are considering will increase the value of your home or potentially damage the ability to sell, contact us. We may even be able to recommend a good contractor.

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