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What To Look For In Real Estate Listings When Buying A Home

Posted by Cameron Schwenker on August 29, 2017 4:10:10 PM EDT
Cameron Schwenker

If you're thinking of buying a home in Niagara, you've probably already perused several listings. That is one advantage of more listings hitting the market in the summer and fall...more to look at it. Even if you aren't looking to buy soon, it's always good to keep an eye on the market.

Price, size and location are the "Big Three" things that buyers tend to gravitate to on any listing. And these are certainly vital to know, but here are the other things you should look for when determining if a listing is your dream property, worth visiting or should be forgotten about.

Quality of the Listing

We have all seen listings with poor photography, spelling errors or missing information. They inspire little confidence in the quality of the home being listed. And we are not just picking on our colleagues here. An owner who does not take an interest in their listing or how their house is looking is often one who has not taken care of the home. Look for a listing that shows the seller takes pride in their property.

Do the Photos and Description Match?

Does the description say the driveway is fully-paved but the photo is of a gravel lot? Take the time to review the photos and the written description of the house closely for accuracy. Sometimes it is easy to be enticed when reading about the "character" or "charm" or "cozy" nature of a home, but do the pictures confirm those characteristics? You'll save yourself a lot of disappointment (and time) by carefully reviewing a listing before signing up for a viewing.


I know we said we were looking at "other" things to look for other than the Big Three, but we have to emphasize of location in a real estate listing. The cliche of the three things that matter in real estate (location, location, location) may be overstated, but it is the most important part of any listing. You may be willing to compromise on where the house is in order to get everything you want in the property itself, and that is the right decision to make sometimes. Even so, it is important that you recognize precisely where a listing is, as it will inform how you feel about other aspects of the listing, from the price to the features. There's nothing worse than becoming excited about a listing, thinking you have found your dream home, only to find it is in a location that doesn't work for you.

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